A product maker, community builder and no-code evangelist.

<aside> 🗒️ TL;DR: A battle-tested product manager with 7+ years of experience helping global brands (like WarnerMedia and NBA) deploy consumer applications to ~20m users along with a string of side-projects all built in public


I am currently exploring to join a fast-growing consumer Internet startup (b2c) with an ambitious mission and that believes in the #buildinpublic culture

💌 [email protected]

🐦 @thisiskp_

🌍 thisiskp.com

⚒ What I've built in public


Jul 2020 to present

Built a community-driven platform that aims to solve the problem of newsletter discovery. Think of it like Product Hunt but for newsletter issues published daily. Shipped an MVP in 2 weeks using no-code tools like Carrd, Airtable and Bubble. Built an audience of ~900 savvy readers.


Mar 2020 to present

Built a virtual matchmaking service for makers and no-coders around the world. Acquired more than 2200 users in 40+ countries and facilitated ~ 1200 Cuppas (30 min virtual 1-1 video chats). Shipped an MVP in a few weeks using Bubble, Zapier, Airtable, and Webflow.

Build In Public

Aug 2020 to present

Built a home for the #buildinpublic movement along with a weekly newsletter that teaches how makers and founders are building an audience for their products by building in public (here's a sample)